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Were you invited to follow an assessment or a development center? Or are you interested in our other services? Welcome. At Orpsy, you can expect a personal approach whereby feedback is paramount. How does it work?


assessment center

Following an assessment center may sound stressful, but it actually means that your current or future employer sees potential in you and is willing to invest in it.

You have already completed one or more interviews for the new position for which you are a candidate. Your (potential) employer wants to further explore your candidacy based on a number of competencies, to see if you are an ideal match. In consultation with Orpsy, a set of competencies and skills has been established. Through various exercises and interactions, we will make an assessment that is as objective as possible. More specifically?


  • An assessment provides you with the opportunity to identify your strengths and points of improvement. You are compared to a reference group per competency. We use different methods to come to the most accurate assessment.
  • There are several ways to make an objective assessment of a person's competencies. Assessment exercises, for instance, simulate real working conditions. Even though they are often fictional, they have an important predictive value for one's effective behaviour in a professional context.
  • The most common exercises are: the in-tray exercise, role plays, job-specific case, presentation exercises, group discussions, in-depth interview, self-evaluation. In addition, digital tests are also performed, such as a personality test, an analytical test, a planning test, a leadership test, etc.
  • There is always an Orpsy lead assessor present during the assessment, and for some exercises there is also a co-assessor. Both reach a final evaluation together and provide the report for the client.
  • You may also expect to receive extensive individual feedback after the report.
voor kandidaten - midden

development center

Will you be taking a development center? Consider it a great opportunity. After all, it means that your competencies will be identified for the benefit of your further development. A development center is a behaviour-oriented evaluation during which competencies are measured in different situations. How does it work?

  • The focus is mainly on your potential and development opportunities. You demonstrate the skills you have acquired in a respectful, open and honest environment.
  • The most common exercises are: the in-tray exercise, role plays, job-specific case, presentation exercises, group discussions, in-depth interview, self-evaluation. In addition, digital tests are also performed, such as a personality test, an analytical test, a planning test, a leadership test, etc.
  • We continually provide you with feedback throughout the day and establish your learning path After each exercise, we will discuss together how you could approach things differently. We provide you with concrete tips and tools.
  • The entire process takes place in a respectful atmosphere, and your input and suggestions are highly appreciated. After a development center, there is always a debriefing conversation where you will receive perspectives to follow a personal development track.

career coaching

Regardless of the stage in which your career is, you may need career coaching. Do you sometimes wonder how and in which direction you want to further develop professionally? Are you looking for new challenges? Would you like to explore unknown territory? Or get a clearer view on your talents? Sometimes, being too close to something prevents you from seeing the solution. Orpsy's expert career counsellors help you put everything in perspective and take the next step in your career. How do they do that?

  • We offer individual support by one of our career counsellors. Together we analyse your potential, ambition and personality. And we awaken the desire to breathe new wind into your career. We help you to become an expert in applying for jobs and to increase the chance of finding your dream job.
  • Career coaching can take place on your own initiative or on the proposal of your employer within a broader business development.
  • The exploration interview is free of charge.
  • Download here our handy information sheet on career coaching

Whether you are an employee or self-employed person, you qualify!

  • Regardless of how many years of work experience you have, we try to set up a development trajectory for you.
  • This can be about which direction you want to go in, but it can certainly also be about developing certain competencies

Do you need orientation? We will gladly help you get started

voor kandidaten - onder loopbaan

How do you prepare for an application round, development center or assessment center?

Great, you have been invited to participate in an assessment center or a job interview. But what comes next? These tips will ensure the preparation will go smoothly and prevent you from being faced with surprises.

  • Provide a correct and complete CV. What should it contain? Your personal details, education, work experience, language skills and other relevant skills. That’s it.
  • Make sure you are never lost for words. It is always nice for your (potential) employer to see that you already know the background, history and structure of the company. By performing thorough research, you are guaranteed to make a good impression.
  • The vacancy or job profile usually contains a list of required competencies. Make sure that you can provide examples of the competencies and skills you have.
  • Your job interview or assessment center starts as soon as you open the door. Always check the route in advance and leave home on time. After all, no one wants to arrive at the reception out of breath.
  • Be yourself and don’t be afraid to start a discussion. Questions or concerns are appreciated. Do not hesitate to speak to one of our employees, this also says something about your personality.
  • Download our handy information sheet for candidates here


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