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No fixed formulas, but tailored services.

Coaching and advice from your point of view.

Everyone is different, and every organisation deserves different emphases. Consultation and flexibility are therefore paramount to Orpsy. Together we ensure that our services are optimally tailored to your needs. With more than forty years of experience in HR consultancy, we have proven that this personal approach pays off. In recent years, we have specialised in assessment, development and career coaching in particular. How do we guarantee a specialised approach?

  • A standard approach is often insufficient. It does not provide a complete or unambiguous picture. This is why Orpsy replaces standard programmes by personalised modules, adapted to the circumstances and wishes of the organisation or person involved.
  • A scientific foundation guarantees the quality of the Orpsy tools. Complemented with the situation-based practical experience we have built up over the years.
  • Our customers demand more and more flexibility. Rightfully so. Therefore, we offer our services in various ways: from our offices, on location, at your organisation and online.
  • We are RSS and Qfor qualified, are recognised by VDAB as a career centre and are members of Federgon.

Private sector or public service? Non-profit or social organisation? We know what competencies you need.


For our HR experts, listening and observing take centre stage.

Our agile team of consultants provides quick and targeted advice. They act quickly and focus on the priorities. All consultants have followed subject-specific higher education, continually educate themselves and consequently become even bigger aces in their field of expertise. We prefer to establish long-term relationships with people and organisations. In terms of privacy and the code of ethics, we set the bar high for our consultants. What this means specifically? We strive for transparency, independence, integrity, confidentiality, discretion and professionalism.

Boris Coetsier

Senior consultant & Managing Director | boris.coetsier@orpsy.be

As a Managing Director and senior consultant, I have pretty much become an integral part of Orpsy. After completing my Master’s degree in Occupational Psychology, I followed an MBA programme. Time flies: meanwhile, I have over twenty years of experience in the HR sector. I manage the office, but I find it crucial to also take part in executive management. Because of this double task, my expertise lies mainly in advice regarding senior managers, management and international profiles. Fortunately, there is also a life besides Orpsy. I share this life with Veronique and our four children Rafael, Noah, Leòn and Luiz. To get away from it all, I hoist the sails and sail away.

Anne-Lise Vandael

Assessor & Career Professional | anne-lise.vandael@orpsy.be

During my studies, both HR and innovation received the necessary attention. With my degree in organisational psychology in my pocket, I completed my studies with a master’s in innovation and entrepreneurship. My passion for HR allowed me to gain experience as a selection consultant, but also as a generalist in the role of HR business partner Facility Management. In both roles, I was in daily contact with executives and management profiles. Since I took on a managerial role myself for a number of years, I understand their perspectives much better. After these rewarding experiences within a government context, I deliberately made the switch to Orpsy. Here I get the chance to put my love for assessments and development centers back in the foreground and advise clients. Besides this exciting job, I am working on a new house together with my partner and we love to travel!

Amber Deuvaert

Junior assessor & career professional | amber.deuvaert@orpsy.be

During my education I was introduced to the different facets of HR, which sparked my curiosity for this field. After recently obtaining my master’s degree in business psychology, I decided that I wanted to further enrich my knowledge in the field of assessments. This choice eventually brought me to Orpsy, where I can capitalize on my great interest in evaluating and developing talent. Besides working professionally, I enjoy traveling and being creative in my day-to-day life. My love for books, TV and movies are endless and I am always willing to discuss them.

Brecht Mortier


As a third-year Applied Psychology student, I enthusiastically chose to do my graduate internship at Orpsy. My fascination for neuropsychology and organizational psychology grew during my studies. After my experience in the neuropsychology department of a hospital, I felt the urge to delve further into organizational psychology. The combination of my passion for working with people, general organizational psychology and assessment eventually led me to Orpsy. In addition to my internship, I enjoy traveling, dining out and activities with my loved ones.


Does our approach bring you ideas?