Orpsy helps you with smart talent management and recruitment with vision.

Orpsy definesevaluates and develops the competencies of your team. This means more than just matching positions and profiles: the strategy and objectives of your company or organisation are always the ultimate criterion. This allows us to build together on the long-term development of your organisation, your team and your individual employees.

Currently, we offer solutions in the context of assessment centers, development centers, career coaching, selection & recruitment and HR advice. Our services are tailored to the sector in which you are active as an organisation or individual. We work in our own offices, at your location or via online channels.


assessment center

The main goal of an assessment center is to be able to objectively observe and screen a selection of internal or external candidates. The objective? Comparing the candidate's competencies as objectively as possible to the job, company values and vision of your organisation. This can be done individually or in groups. How does it work?

  • In consultation with you, we determine a set of competencies in advance. Your own competency model is certainly useful is this process, supplemented with input from the Orpsy competency manual.
  • At least two Orpsy assessors are involved in each assessment, who together come to a well-considered report and advice.
  • An assessment provides the opportunity to map strengths and possible points of improvement of the potential candidate. We provide you with an objective report and advice and provide direct feedback to the candidate.
  • Different formulas can be applied. Full day assessments, half day assessments and online assessments using remote interview techniques.
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Do you want to be certain that you are choosing the right candidate?


development center

The purpose of a development center is to give direction to the career of an employee or individual by stimulating his or her development. It is a behaviour-oriented evaluation during which competencies are measured in different situations. First, the strengths and points of improvement are identified. After this, we present our advice and findings, so that, finally, we can draw up a targeted development plan together with you. Ambitions and realistic development opportunities are aligned. How does such a process work?

  • In a development center, there is a specific focus on the person in question. His or her developments and learning opportunities are central. This does not necessarily need to be linked directly to a specific job.
  • The participant will experience this process as respectful, open and honest. We continually provide feedback to the participant throughout the day and establish his or her learning path together. We provide concrete tips and tools and interaction is key.
  • Different formulas can be applied: full day developments, half day developments and online developments using remote interview techniques.
  • A possible follow-up programme consists of a development plan within your organisation or a coaching programme.
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Well-thought-out personal development helps the employee and the employer to move forward together.

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Career coaching

Regardless of the stage in which your career is, you may need career coaching. Do you sometimes wonder how and in which direction you want to further develop professionally? Are you looking for new challenges? Would you like to explore unknown territory? Or get a clearer view on your talents? Sometimes, being too close to something prevents you from seeing the solution. Orpsy's expert career counsellors help you put everything in perspective and take the next step in your career. How do they do that?

  • We offer individual support by one of our career counsellors. Together we analyse your potential, ambition and personality. And we awaken the desire to breathe new wind into your career. We help you to become an expert in applying for jobs and to increase the chance of finding your dream job.
  • Career coaching can take place on your own initiative (for instance, with career checks) or on the proposal of your employer within a broader business development.
  • The exploration interview is free of charge. Afterwards, you can follow a four-hour counselling procedure including a career check. This will only cost you €40 (while the real cost price of the counselling is €665). These 4 hours can be spread out.
  • Download here our handy information sheet on career coaching.
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Whether you are an employee or self-employed person, you qualify!

  • Regardless of how many years of work experience you have, we try to set up a development trajectory for you.
  • This can be about which direction you want to go in, but it can certainly also be about developing certain competencies.

Need to take a close look at your career?


online & digital HR services

Orpsy is happy to respond to this demand and offers various services via online and virtual applications. Among other things, this offers the advantage that those involved can login directly from home or from their own office and can call on our consultants by means of video call. In terms of time planning, this also offers an extra benefit.

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Finding talent is a profession in itself.


hr consulting

Do your HR team or line managers need support to attract employees and develop their talents? Orpsy will gladly offer assistance. A selection from our current offer:

  • Preparation of job descriptions
  • Preparation of competency profiles
  • Guidance during selection processes
  • 360° feedback sessions
  • Guidance during reorganisations, mergers, expansion
  • Guidance during development processes

Need a helping hand with your HR challenges?


Are you a candidate at Orpsy? This is what you may expect during the first meeting.

You will be welcomed in a professional and relaxed environment. You will receive specific information beforehand, depending on the purpose, the intended advice and the duration of your visit. The procedures followed at an assessment center, development center or for career coaching will be explained in detail. We abide by two-way traffic: your questions are answered immediately, but your feedback is also decisive for us.